Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Finally, the time is here. "La Dolce Vita" Spring cut & sew collection has dropped. Check out the Mama website for updated photos and detailed shots of the new pieces. I also own most of these pieces so hit me if you want to see any.

The full collection is available for purchase on the Mama website.

Select pieces are available at these retailers:
5 & A Dime - San Diego
El Mercado - LA
The Orphinage - Chula Vista
Eagle Rock Underground - LA
All The Right - Corona, NY
Brooklyn Projects Melrose & Echo Park- LA
Cap City - West New York, NJ
Bodega - Boston
Connoisseur 533 - San Jose
True - San Francisco
True East - Walnut Creek
Winner's Circle - Seattle
Fresh - Berkeley
The Avenue - Fountain Valley, CA
Subterrain - Santa Clarita
Thoroughbredz - Las Vegas
Groundid - Singal Hill, CA
Our Fly Lives - Miami
Attic - Paramount, CA

Props to Photographer Ben Mayorga & Stylist Liz "Busy Lady" Baca for their awesome work on the photo shoot for the collection.

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