Monday, January 29, 2007


Mike Giant is one of the hippest dudes around (he'd stab me with a fork if he knew I called him 'hip'). I first saw his art in a graff magazine back in '98...years later the dude's art still amazes me. He's become a successful tattoo artist and has worked with Scion and has his own clothing line, Rebel 8. Now he's doing big things with Adidas. Check it below!

Dropping soon: MIKE GIANT x ADIDAS x HEMP

...Nice one, Adidas!

Check the official Giant page here: MIKE GIANT.COM
Check the official Giant Blog here: Count Trackula on Fecal Face

Last movie I watched:
SherryBaby (2006, Rental)
Watch it...Maggie Gyllenenhaal is AMAZING in this...Overall, this movie is mad intense.

You should check out this site:
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Especially if you're into "...supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound..."

I want this book:
The Early Bird - The Art & Design of Morning Breath Book (Hardcover)

I want these shoes:

...and I can't find them in my size! They're the only damn Nikes I'll rock...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

R.I.P. DAVE SHAYMAN (aka DISCO D) 1980-2007

Dave Shayman (aka Disco D) was found dead Tuesday morning of an apparent suicide. He was 27 years old.

For the full story CLICK HERE.


"The Earth's a Turntable revolving on a beat."
~ Rob Swift ft. Gudtyme (on "The Earth's a Turntable")

Junebug (2005, Rental, Highly Recommended! ****)

Flying Funk: Ultra Heavy Funk & Rare Grooves
from Flying Dutchman, Blue Bird & RCA

Jim Flora (Title: Sweets & JJ Johnson, 1992. Acrylic, 15" x 30")

Shouts to COVERSHOCKS (aka Mr. Paul Duffy)! A talented DJ from the UK I met via the fantastik voyage that is MySpace. Check his music page out HERE and ask how you can get a hold of his COFFEEBREAKS Mix. It's one of my favorite mixes ever (this cat knows how to select)! PEACE TO DERRY, UK!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today's my B.Wrekka's 26th birfday! We're going to have a party in our tummies tonight...aka GREEK FOOD! YAYBONK! ...and maybe a drink...or a movie...or something shweet! Either way it's going to be "Rockin'" and "Awesome"!

We alligator-three eat'chudduh!

(in an oh-so-very hetero way)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
~ Pablo Picasso

Art comes first, weird fills in the gaps.
~ Unknown

Design is about the ordinary thing done extraordinarily well.
~ Stephen Bayley

Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.
~ Henri Matisse

Art, like Nature, has her monsters, things of bestial shape and with hideous voices.
~ Oscar Wilde

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
~ Aristotle

Computers in the future may have only 1,000 vacuum tubes and perhaps only weigh 1 1/2 tons.
~ Popular Mechanics, 1949

You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don’t help.
~ Calvin

Friday, January 19, 2007


101 Records
North Beach, San Francisco

Thursday, January 18, 2007


When: Friday, January 19, 2007 @ 9:00 PM
Where: The Canvas Gallery
1200 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122
How Much Skrill: $15

Stones Throw mastermind Peanut Butter Wolf dj's the opening of "Barcelona Nights": a photo exhibit by Adam Butlein.

Additional music by:
Mophono (CB Records)
Aspect McCarthey (the Shotgun Wedding Quintet)
Brycon (TopShelf Music)

We're SOFA KING there!!!

This is where I'm at on Monday's and Wednesday's doing my SuperHyphyIntern thing.
My "new" shoes even get love! Haha..CHECK IT!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Just got my "Maria" quilted fleece hoodie from MAMA! It has hidden pockets, is fully lined and has a pearl & chain zipper pull...ooh, and it's mad cozy! Perfect for this chilly weather we've been having. I have to say, it's nice to finally own one after helping put each one in a plastic bag, seal them up and ship them out. I keep thinking it's free, but it's definitely payment for all the hard work I put in.

This past Sunday Bekka (my roommate/friend/partner in crime) and I set out to the Castro for an afternoon of thriftin'. First stop, Out of the Closet on Church Street. This is what I came up on:

Found an issue of Baseline Magazine (an international typographics magazine from the UK) from 2002 in pretty good condition. They're always inspiring. This issue has an article on old razor box graphics. Doooope. It was a good day for a graphic designer. I also found "Graphic Design: A Concise History" by Richard Hollis. I came up on an old United Airline map from the 60s and that orange thing in the middle is an old label maker. For 39 cents thought it may come in handy for a future project along with that map.

Bought these suckas for $7! There's nothing wrong with them! They're FIFTY24SF shoes and Upper Playground sells/sold them for $60! Check out those graphics!

After Out of the Closet we made our way to Crossroads Trading Company on Market. I bought some jackets and a shirt there. Nothing too great and exciting but definitely stuff I'll have in my closet for a while. Overall, I had a good day. I need these days now. I know there are going to be less of them when school starts up again in a couple of weeks.

Just thought I'd share a little about the above piece:
The quote was taken from an article in Tokion Magazine's June/July issue. The picture of James Brown is from a 2002 issue of Vanity Fair. The picture itself was taken in 1980 in NYC. I like to keep images and magazine clippings I come across for future projects...sadly this one came out for a remembrance piece, but it's all love. The background is a piece of cardboard I scanned in a while back for a school project. I've been using it a lot lately, along with those splats. The black arc is from a plate I traced with a pen I made out of a soda can. I used calligraphy ink and scanned it in (Scanning is a bitch, but worth it). The font is "Mrs. Eaves" and is available at

This is only the beginning...I plan to make a number of pieces dedicated to Soul Brother Numero Uno. If anyone wants to collaborate, hit me up!

So, I'm feel that I'm better at expressing myself through art than with instead of typing something up I thought I'd add some of my favorite quotes about the man when I come across them. Here are a few:

From Davey D:

"He delivered the drum front and center. Vincent noted that James Brown brought out a more prominent rhythmic foundation for the music and introduced the important concept of 'Hitting on the One'. James Brown focused his entire band including the complex horn, rhythm guitar and keyboard arrangements of his band mate Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis and Nat Jones to 'deliver on the one'. James Brown punctuated his efforts by using his voice with his vintage grunts, groans and screams as a binding force which also drew everything 'on the one'. It seems so simple and commonplace today, but back then it was groundbreaking."


From Amiri Baraka - 1969:

"If Elvis Presley/ is
Who is James Brown,

Monday, January 15, 2007


Last Friday I made my way out to the Elbo Room with my helladopetastik amigos Bekka & Joe to catch DJ B.Cause and friends give back to a lady who's given us so much, San Francisco R&B queen Sugar Pie DeSanto (Oh and Holy Crunk Nugget, we had a blast! Funk owns my soul!).

Mrs. DeSanto lost everything when her Oakland apartment burned down October 26th of last year. Her husband died trying to fight the blaze (read the story under the flyer for more info). 100% of the benefit show proceeds went to the Sugar Pie Desanto Fund. If anyone would like to donate to the fund, please contact Wells Fargo to make contributions: (510) 597-4210.

((UPDATE: DJ B.Cause said they raised approax. $1600 for Mrs. DeSanto last Friday! Thanks for the info B.Wrekka!))

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

To learn more about Sugar Pie, go here: Sugar Pie Info on Wikipedia or here: Sugar Pie DeSanto on Myspace

From SF Gate regarding the fire:

"The husband of well-known Oakland singer Sugar Pie DeSanto died Thursday while trying to put out an early morning three-alarm fire in the couple's third-floor apartment, fire officials said.

Jesse Davis, 52, died inside the apartment at 3833 Telegraph Ave. in the blaze, which also left a firefighter-paramedic hospitalized in serious condition with second-degree head burns, fire Capt. Melinda Drayton said.

Three other firefighters were treated at a nearby hospital for burns and an eye injury before being released. The four injured firefighters were hurt in an explosion apparently caused by superheated gases igniting thick dust in the air.

Pop and blues singer DeSanto was in the apartment with her husband when the fire broke out and was able to flee.

The fire started in the couple's living room and was believed to be accidental, Drayton said. A smoke alarm in a nearby hallway failed to work because its battery was missing.

Drayton identified the firefighter who remained hospitalized as Tim Takis, who was being treated at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco.

"The fire flashed on the third floor, so superheated gases caused basically a fire explosion," Drayton said. "All the ... small materials like dust particles get to a point where they ignite."

The building's residents were evacuated, and about two dozen of them, including DeSanto, received emergency housing in nearby hotels from the American Red Cross, spokesman Alan Tobey said.

"She's in remarkable shape, given the circumstances,'' Tobey said. "She's obviously shocked but otherwise does not appear to be injured.''

DeSanto began her recording career in 1955 and recorded her biggest hit, "I Want to Know,'' in 1960. She is known for her wide range of musical styles, including soul, jazz and funk -- along with her energetic delivery and her ability to perform backflips during performances. She has shared stages with James Brown and with Ike and Tina Turner, and received a Bay Area Music Award, or Bammie, for best female blues singer in 1999.

The blaze was reported shortly before midnight Wednesday. Five dozen firefighters had the fire under control in about half an hour.

The owner of a liquor store across the street said Davis was a regular customer and a "nice, down-to-earth guy.''

Davis enjoyed cooking and taking care of the couple's apartment while his wife performed, according to DeSanto. He married her twice, the first marriage ending in divorce before the couple recon- ciled.

"He's my biggest fan, and he'll try to do things that keep me happy and keep me mellow,'' she said in an interview in the current Living Blues magazine.

Hatim Nasher, owner of Choice Liquor, said Davis and his wife would shop in the store once or twice a week, and would often give him audio- and videotapes of DeSanto's performances.

"I hate to see him go,'' Nasher said. "It's so sad. He was so nice, so polite, such a wonderful man.''

Friday, January 12, 2007



My favorite graphic designer on the planet is (and has been for a very long time) Brent Rollins of Ego Trip. 7 Years ago (FUUUUNK, 7 years ago!? Yep. 7 years ago...), when people asked me who my favorite designer was and I said Brent Rollins, I'd get blank stares (most graphic designers are so behind the scenes that they never reach the status of famed artists). So I'm glad to see the Ego Trip dudes doing their trademark tounge-in-cheek thing on VH1 cause it's giving them and Brent's designs a lot of exposure. He really does deserves it...along with the other Ego Trip dudes. From his book designs (Jeff Chang's "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" ) and his album covers ("Nia" -Blackalicious) he never seizes to bring the funk!

Here's were he's been:

On my Myspace :)

On my book shelf:

Brent Rollins x Stussy (Peep the interview):

Theme Magazine (Check the article):

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Wouldn't that have been the best collabo ever!? Technically...It can still happen. The thought slowly blows my mind...

These are some of my favorite musical artist/acts and some of their current projects:

"DJ Muro: 'The Roosevelts' featuring Ghostface, Raekwon and Trife Da God. Taken from the 'Tokyo Tribe 2' soundtrack. (mp3)"
-Spine Magazine

"Portishead “Requiem For Anna”: The track featured here comes from a 2006 album of Serge Gainsbourg covers and bodes well for their next album which is coming out…… whenever it comes out."
-One Soulful Negro

"Previously unreleased track taken from the forthcoming re-release of J-Dilla's 'Ruff Draft' LP (out in March): 'Wild'. (mp3)"
-Spine Magazine
PETE ROCK... a muthableepin' genius!

...but we already know this.

One of my favorite tracks on that planet is "Blah Uno" by Deda produced by Pete Rock (on 2003's "The Original Baby Pa" & "Lost & Found: Hip Hop Soul Classics"...which I don't have either if you have them, hit me with them, please! I came across the track on a 2004 Hip Hop compilation from the UK). From the minute that track came in to my head with the ubiquitous snare count ("One two three UGH")...I fell in love with it. I went head over heals when the sax came in sending me into Deda's "hard core" lyrics...with references to "thug bitches" and Phil Collins how could I not love this track! The track rides out with Deda chanting "Blah Uno...The highest type-numero uno " over the same sax that introduced him to me three and a half minutes earlier. The overall composition of the track is simple. I think to some degree Pete Rock's a minimalist. His beats are like pulses (interrupted by timed palpitations) and his samples always seem to hold a beautiful constant harmony.

Now, we all know Pete Rock can work wonders with sax samples...Best example: Tom Scott's "Today" for "T.R.O.Y."...which I'm not even going to begin to breakdown...That track can only be descibed with another acronym: G.O.A.T.! Now, contrary to popular belief (as well as some previous self-proclamation by my self), I'm not a "24-Hour Hip Hop head"...meaning I don't eat, sleep, and breathe hip hop (I like to balance my diet with funk, soul, jazz, punk, etc. from time to time) I don't know about all of Pete Rock's productions. I did know about his work with INI (Rass, Grap Luva, Rob-O), but didn't know that Rob-O had solo projects with Pete Rock produced tracks.

On Rob-O's most recent "Rhyme Pro" (?? Label???...oh, and weak title if you ask me), which includes previously unreleased tracks, there's a track called "Mention Me" ft. Meccalicious...and YO! It's DAMN FRESH! I don't know much about Meccalicious but I do know Rob-O was on the "Mecca & the Soul Brother" cut "The Basement" along with Heavy D, Deda and Grap Luva (NOT the Boyz!)...a classic "posse cut"...So I know the cats voice is going to bring some "Golden Era of Hip Hop" steez.

What kills me on "Mention Me" is that it comes in with a soft vibraphone(???) melody that if you don't listen for it you might miss. It's quickly complemented with Pete Rock's signature (a horn sample for those that haven't been paying attention). Now, if you listen to the track it's easy to let the horns and drums over-power the melody (which by now is laced thru the track)...but damn it, don't let them on this one! This subtle melody makes this track so future primitive. Again, a very simple track that holds all the elements of a "Golden Era of Hip Hop" track and more. The lyrics are strong enough to make this a very satisfying track.

I could go on about Pete Rock (especially after hearing the "PJs...From Afar" Raekwon-El Michels Affair Remix 2 minutes ago)...but for now, I'll say this again: Pete Rock is a genius. Period. Don't argue with me (As I sit here thuggishly eating my Animal Cookies while typing this, haha). Here's the track (Courtesy of good ol' Spine Magazine). If you don't enjoy it, go listen to the radio with the other sheeps.


"...Hip Hop don't revolve around Nas & Jay..."

MAMA Clothing, where I intern (more details about that in a later post), was featured in MissBehave Magazine (sister mag to Mass Appeal). The magazine gives props to the New Era lids MAMA just dropped. Mine's the black one shown in the picture below. It's called "Coco" and is a tribute to Coco Chanel...

Mags I'm reading: Mass Appeal, Fader, MissBehave Magazine, Swindle, and my favorite, Wax Poetics.

Some Thirft Store buys (all for less than $20!): Yellow cardigan-shrug thing by Koi Koi (?), Stussy T that says, "Stussy: Worldwide Stick Ball Champs", a Dali's Mustache book for my friend Emic (SURPRISE!), and a killer green vintage wool coat. YAY for Thrift stores!

I'M IN FADER MAGAZINE! ((...sort of))

A while back, my good friend Nick (aka MetroGnome) asked me to work on an ad for his website, Sound Slam, that would run in the January issue of Fader Magazine. I picked the issue up yesterday and I have to say, circumstances aside (I made it at the very last minute, rushed and stressed.), I'm very happy with it. Check it below!

Front Fader cover:

Back cover:

...and this is the ad.

So, um, yea....Welcome to my bloggy blog. Many of you know that I'm a self-proclaimed blogophile and some of you had even suggested that I create my own. It was always in the back of my head to create one but I tend to get busy with school and projects and I don't have the best writing skills so I always put the thought aside.

This year I decided to keep an "inspiration journal". A sort of diary of things that inspire me on a day to day. Something to look back on and gain direction from. As a creative person, I not only need inspiration to create...I need it to live. I know a lot of you feel the same. So I decided to push all my insecurities aside and just do the damn thing. Create a blog about my existence as a creative person (hence the title of the blog). The web address, (yes, I know I misspelled the first "breathe"...I just said a paragraph ago that I'm not the best writer, haha) first came from the thought of naming the blog, "Respiration" (also the title of one of my favorite BlackStar joints). "Escuchela.. la ciudad respirando" (translation: listen to it.. the city breathing) the female element in that cut, which I thought would be dope since I live in such a lively city (San Francisco)...but this blog is my voice and not so much the city's.

So with all that said and out of the way...Thanks for visiting and enjoy being a witness to my existence.