Thursday, May 03, 2007


I've been horribly busy lately so I apologize for the lack of updates (Does anyone even check this anymore?!). The next two weeks are going to be scary stressful so any words of encouragement will be much appreciated :)

Last Thursday, I "snuck" out to Popscene (here is SF) to see Amy Winehouse (aka The Sad-"Snowboarder"-witha-Killer-Voice) open for Klaxons. I was on the guest list as a "writer" for (Thanks again, Nick!) so I went alone (I had never been to a show alone!). I was a little nervous about doing a show write-up because, well, I'm not a writer! Bekka (aka Copy Writer Extraordinaire) was kind enough to edit my piece...Thanks again, B!

So here it is...along with a video from the show: Amy Winehouse Concert Review


(PS...Feedback would be awesome! Thanks!)

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Nick said...

shit, ain't nothing to feel nervous about on the review end... her shit blew. for those that don't believe it, watch the horrific video. better luck next time, (clucker) Amy!