Thursday, February 01, 2007


I can't believe next week will be a year that J Dilla passed. I remember where I was...what I was doing..who I heard it from...everything. It was a tough day filled with heartache and disbelief. I still have the ticket to the Donuts release party at the Mezzanine that ended up being a Tribute Show.

Here's a message I found encoded out of 10 track titles (out of 31) off of the "Donuts" album.

"Hi." "People"
"Stop" "Don't Cry" "Dilla Says Go" "Geek Down" "U-Love" "Glazed" "Donuts"

Yea, ok. I'm strange. Sorry...he's my Tupac (James Brown is my Elvis).

This year I plan to rock my Dilla shirt both on his birthday (Feb. 7th) and the day of his passing (Feb. 10th). I'm also planning to have some donuts from Bob's Donuts (on Polk St.) while listening to some Dilla goodness. You're welcome to join me.

Thank You Jay Dee, Act 2 Mixed by J Rocc

coming to next week

Ruff Draft drops March 20.

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