Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm a sucka for good design. From print to the kitchen sink, I love surrounding myself with good design.

Now, Bek-Deezy and I have a pretty eclectic collection of dishwares but YO...these below are SO fresh!

The Buddha Bowl is designed to rest in the palm of your hand and can be used for rice, lattés, ice cream, and even cereal. The handmade bowl is designed by Flavour Design. This interdisciplinary design company from Canada strive to design products that make people say “why didn’t i think of that!” The company owners Élan and Mark Falvai: “Our pieces aim to be clever yet elegant with a strong emphasis on ergonomics and functionality. We believe that the items you choose to surround yourself with should be interesting. They should enable you to strike up a conversation or at least make you smile”.

Their Udon Noodle Bowl is fun, elegant, and ergonomic. This bowl, which is also handmade, is available in eight colors and comes complete with chopsticks. More information about these bowls, and all their other products, can be found on Flavour Design’s website.

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andrea said...

wow these are fantastic.

thanks for visiting fly and please come back soon. also will you be posting any pages from your inspiration book? would love to see them.